How to reach Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal

How to reach Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal

Chaos, noise and pollution. That’s how many travellers describe Aung Mingalar Highway Terminal, the largest bus terminal in Yangon where all the national services terminates.

A bizzare place

Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Terminal is super-large 86-acre compound handling over 35-thousand travellers every day. The terminal was build in 2001 and poorly planned, far away from passengers’ needs, who would appreciate single waiting room, luggage service, departure board, coffee shops and a supermarket. In contrast this place is spread into many streets and passengers have to share them with thousand of cars due to no sidewalks. Common are illegal businesses, fake monks and passenger brokers who take advantage of travellers’ unfamiliarity with the place to guide them, for a tip, to their bus platform. There are also taxi drivers who behave socially unacceptable way, shouting at passengers while they are getting off the buses, surrounding them and “push them to the wall”. Despite all these facts, Aung Mingalar Terminal is a place where you can still find good things, such as tasty burmese food and helping people speaking English.

Waiting rooms and restaurants

Each carrier has it's own building with a ticket office and a small waiting room. The quality of their service and cleanness vary from company to company, the best rated carriers such as JJ Express, Elite, or Famous meet good standard. Waiting rooms are open from early morning until late night. All around Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Terminal you can find restaurants selling local food, snacks and drinks, usually for reasonable prices. Under the construction is first KFC restaurant pioneering international customer service and design in there.

How to get to Aung Mingalar from Downtown

Sule Pagoda with neighbour Yangon City Hall and Maha Bandoola Park are the famous spots defining the centre point of Yangon. Sule is also a public transportation hub with connections to all other districts of Yangon. Bus no. 36 runs between Sule and Aung Mingalar Terminal every day from 6:00 to 21:00 in short intervals. The fare 200 Ks should be paid in exact amount to the driver. Drivers don't give change. The bus journey takes about 1 hr 20 min at off-peak time and about 2 hr at peak time (from 8:00 to 11:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00). Don't forget that you should arrive to Aung Mingalar Terminal half-hour before departure of your long-distance bus, so reserve at least 2 hours for your journey from downtown. The fastest way how to get to Aung Mingalar Terminal is use Grab taxi service which costs about 7000 Ks.

How to get to Aung Mingalar from Airport

There is no direct public transport line between International Airport and Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Terminal. Using Grab taxi is the most efficient way how to make this transfer, the journey costs approx. 3000 Ks.