Myanmar from behind a bus window

Myanmar from behind a bus window

Do you hear about dusty roads, carts pulling by horses and outdated vehicles? We travelled across Myanmar to discover quality of bus services in 2018.

The country behind window of our bus is changing slowly, red earth is covered by little trees standing in the sun. Narrow road is twisting like a snake. During our journey we see picturesque country, we are driving across the small villages with traditional houses, forests, deep valleys and savannah.

Do you think we are squeezed on mini-bus with tens of locals carrying corn bags? Oh, no, that’s mistake! We are seating on comfortable coach with air-condition and we were offered a free bottle of water with snacks. One of us is 6.4 feet tall what is not the most suitable height for travel, but now he has nothing to complain, thanks to more legroom he can stretch his legs, put his MacBook Air on his laps and watch a movie. Journey is long, but we don’t have problems except of that one there is no toilet on board.

After couple of hours we reach first place where our bus makes a regular break. There are clean bathrooms and restaurants. We have time about half-an-hour what is enough for eating some nice food there.

One can think travel around Myanmar is complicated due to country's poor infrastructure and long political isolation. Of course, there are under-developed regions and no-go zones, but the country is working hardly to overcome all problems with infrastructure to become more open to foreign tourist and more livable country for its own citizens. Good bus services along with upgrading roads is one of the tasks country is working on.

There are plenty of bus lines meeting international standards and connecting major cities and tourist attractions such as Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Pyin-Oo-Lwin, Hpa-An and Ngpali Beach. Most of the carriers use new Scania and Higher vehicles and provide free water for passengers. Travel between another locations can be a bit harder, but never really hard. There is a chance to catch up passing-by commuter bus on the main roads or go to bus station. Commuter buses are not very comfortable though, but definitely good enough for short journey. At some places you can see mini-buses providing local transportation. Typical for mini-buses is that passengers are squeezed and luggages piled up on their roofs. Taking such a ride is a pure adventure, but certainly not necessary for most of your journeys.

Each bus ride in Myanmar can become memorable experience thanks to the country behind the window and smiling people. We travelled across Myanmar and discovered that the country is ready to provide you good transportation services for cheap prices. Just go for it and enjoy!