How to get a taxi ride in Myanmar

How to get a taxi ride in Myanmar

Don’t agree with first overpriced offer. Taxi drivers try to get as much money as you are willing to pay.

To find a taxi in Myanmar is not a big deal. In large cities like Yangon and Mandalay taxi cabs are responsible for half of the traffic on the roads, what means you can meet taxi cabs everywhere. In some towns, e.g. Mawlamyine, taxi motorbikes are more usual than cabs. You can catch taxi on a street or ask receptionist at your hotel/hostel/guest house to arrange a ride.

Taxi drivers are very active in offering their services, particularly in bus terminals, train stations and touristic spots.

The price for taxi ride is thing of the agreement. Drivers always offer higher price than is usual, rarely doubled or even tripled. It is expected that you will try to make a deal and lower the price. If you don’t know what is a reasonable price for a taxi ride don’t agree immediately and suggest the price 30% lower than driver offers. If driver doesn’t agree don’t panic, there are lots of another cabs you can choose from.

List of normal prices for a taxi ride in selected routes updated in July 2017.

  • Yangon Airport - Yangon Downtown (16 km)
    7.000 Ks/cab
  • Yangon Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal - Yangon Downtown (20 km)
    8.000 Ks/cab
  • Yangon Sule Pagoda - Shwedagon Pagoda (3 km)
    1.500 Ks
  • Bagan Nyaung-U Bus Terminal - Nyaung-U Downtown (5 km)
    4.000 Ks/cab
  • Mawlamyine Riverside - Mawlamyine Bus Terminal (2 km)
    1.500 Ks/cab
  • Myawaddy - Mawlamyine (175 km)
    10.000 Ks/person