How to live as a digital nomad in Myanmar?

How to live as a digital nomad in Myanmar?

While Thailand became a paradise for freelancers working for European or American clients from beaches and cafes, Myanmar is still not fully ready to welcome them.

Myanmar is a new country in a map of tourism. Despite it’s connection to Thailand many things are completely different such as food, clothes, custom and infrastructure. Lack of paved roads, motorways, fast speed railways and poor internet connection are the facts attracting travellers by promise of great adventure what is good for vacation but not the best for nomadic life.

Internet connection is the biggest problem for freelancers travelling to Myanmar, is slow and often fails. Even though WI-FI is installed in most of hotels and guest-houses and is promoted on, you better to keep in mind, that while connection between your laptop and router is working fine, connection between router and internet is never guaranteed. The best way how to stay connected is buy a SIM card with data, speed is not very fast but the connection is more stable than WI-FI provided by hotels.

There are some other differences

  • Prices for accommodation are higher than in neighbourhood countries Thailand and Malaysia. But you get more for the price, most common benefits are nice breakfast and everyday room cleaning service.
  • There is no 7Eleven and supermarket at every corner. But it is not a big deal to look around or ask receptionist to recommend you nice bakery or cafe located nearby.

And also good news

The first co-working centre and start-up accelerator in Yangon is Phandeeyar and it’s office is located right in downtown. Phandeeyar offers office space, high-speed internet connection and other services freelancers need for their work.