6 important things for your bus journey in Myanmar

6 important things for your bus journey in Myanmar

There's not only amazing and nice things waiting for you. Before you get on a bus in Myanmar, you should know that journey experience can be pretty different from Europe or America. Comfortable buses are sometimes everything what companies understand as a 'customer service'.

Ear plugs

Bus companies believe that passengers like the same kind of entertainment as bus drivers. Burmese pop music videos or soap-operas commonly play during journeys until late night. In addition, many drivers have bad habit to honk every time when they see motorcycle or people on the road. Therefore there’s only one chance how to avoid loud sound, using heavy-duty ear plugs.

Eye mask

Lights get on when bus is about to stop at a station or drop off some passengers. It can happen couple of times during your overnight journey. Be ready is better than wake up.

Warm clothes

Air-condition is usually at very low temperature. If you ask bus driver to change it, most likely you get an answer that he can’t do it. Instead of wondering why brand new Scania vehicle has no air-con controller you better to remember that most of such things depend on customer service rather then real technical limitations. Taking your jacket or sweater into a bus compartment is always good choice.

Lack of sleeping

Nothing is worst than to be disturbed just when you are in middle of your dream. Buses make regular breaks because vehicles usually are not equipped by toilets. All passengers have to get off the bus for about 30 minutes. As a bonus almost all overnight buses arrive to their destination early morning. Is not unusual to be dropped off at 3am or 4am!

Taxi drivers

Taxi drivers are experts in how to be annoying. While you are getting off a bus group of taxi drivers block your way, make circle around you and start offering their service. Literally they don't let you take a breath after your journey and bother you by their rude habits. Be ready for such a situation. Saying 'No, thank you' sometimes doesn't work at all. You have to find your own way how to protect yourself. Some people ignore them and don't reply anything, just make a way through them, collect luggage and walk away. If you need taxi ride from bus terminal read our advice How to get a taxi ride in Myanmar.

Your opinion

Myanmar people like to learn and they can do improvements quickly. If you don’t like something don’t hesitate to tell them and politely explain your point of view. You can become one of those people who help Myanmar’s companies improve their services.